We're very excited to introduce these new packages to you!

Each package comes with a different number of tutorials. Each tutorial is a private 30-minute session with one of our fantastic E2 English teachers. For each tutorial, you will have some activities to complete beforehand so you can get feedback to build your skills. 

The "Single Tutorial" package is $40 USD and comes with ONE tutorial.

The "2 x Tutorial bundle" package is $75 USD and comes with TWO tutorials.

The "3 x Tutorial bundle" package is $110 USD and comes with THREE tutorials AND  free set of coursework.

Each of these packages starts with a skill assessment then you choose what you would like to focus on:

This gives your teacher some information about your goals so they can prepare for your appointments.

Your pre-tutorial submissions for Writing and Speaking are marked by your teacher before your appointment so they can give you personalised feedback and help you to improve.
Here's an example of a writing submission:

If you choose the 3 x Tutorial and FREE package bundle, you will also receive a free Basic package of one course. You can choose from any of our courses including all levels (2-5), and skills courses (Spelling, Essential Pronunciation and Advanced Pronunciation). Your teacher will give you a recommendation for which course you should choose and then add it to your account for you.

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