These courses are perfect for students who are just starting their English study or for students who want to revisit the basics!

E2 English CourseCEFRIELTS
Lower IntermediateA1-24

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Live Classes

Live Classes for Beginner courses are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (AEST) every week. Look for 'Beginner English with Danielle and friends!'

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Level 1: Beginner

This course is FREE for all students who are starting their English learning! You can practice listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, and more.

For each pronoun, you will learn how to form positive (I am), negative (I am not), and question (Am I?) forms and then you can test your knowledge at the end!

  • I am
  • You are
  • She is
  • He is
  • It is
  • They are
  • We are
  • Vocabulary

Level 2: Lower Intermediate

This course has four packages available: Free, Basic, Feedback, and Pro

You can practice your Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Vocabulary with our easy-to-follow modules meaning that you can build your language as you go! You will see the same topics and lessons in every skill.

The topics for the course are:

1. People

  • What is your name?

  • Where are you from?

  • Tell me about your friend.

  • How many brothers have you got?

2. Home

  • What’s your favourite room?

  • Do you have a TV?

  • Can I smoke here?

  • When do you clean?

3. Work

  • What do you do?

  • What is the boss like?

  • What’s your address?

  • How do you get to work?

4. Education

  • What are you studying?
  • What was the homework?
  • How did you get to school?
  • Can I ask a question?

5. Food

  • Do you like pizza?
  • How much is an apple?
  • Do we have any milk?
  • What would you like to order?

This course also includes Grammar is we believe that a good Grammar foundation is essential to speaking good English!

In this course you can lean more about:

Actions & Verbs

  • Be Verb

  • Have Verb

  • Verb Tenses

  • Modal Verbs

  • Extra Rules

People, Places & Things

  • Pronouns

  • Nouns


  • Adjectives

  • Comparisons

  • Adverbs

The small bits - Other sentence parts

  • Prepositions

  • Articles

  • Quantifiers

  • Extra Phrases


  • Yes / No Questions

  • Wh Questions

Connecting Sentences

  • Conjunctions

Other - The Extra Features

  • Numbers

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