After you have signed up, you will see a list of all the courses you had chosen at the top of your student dashboard:

You can always ADD more courses after you have signed up. Just select 'Add Courses' from the left sidebar menu and then choose the level and course that you would like to add, as shown below:

You can add any of these instantly to your account by clicking on the 'Try Free!' button after you click "View Package"

To buy a new course, you can click on the Package you want and then click "Buy Now!"

Or If you have finished your free trial and want to upgrade you can click "Add Courses" OR you can simply go to
"Upgrade Packagesat the top of your dashboard and click "Upgrade Now!":

For more information on our packages, see:
What is the Free Package?
What is the Basic Package?
What is the Feedback Package?
What is the Pro Package?

Got any questions? Get in touch with our friendly support team here!