Your CEFR level (from A1 to C1) or your IELTS level (from below Band 4 to above Band 6) can help you to decide where you should start. 

If you are unsure of your CEFR or your IELTS level, you can either complete the Placement Test or start at any level with a Free Trial - the best way to determine whether your chosen level is right for you is to do a lesson!

If you achieved 100% in the lesson, it means that the level is too easy for you and you try the next level up. If you achieve less than 25% in the lesson, it means that the level is too difficult for you. You should go down at least a level. 

For example, if a student starts with Intermediate struggles to answer the questions in lesson 1, they might find it helpful to go to Lower-Intermediate and completing those lessons first.

Please note that the unit tests are not for level checking at the beginning. The tests are designed to assess your performance after the whole lessons are complete for the particular units (e.g. Education, Sport, Socialising etc). 

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