On February 5th 2021, we launched our new E2 English platform. There is plenty that we love about our old platform that you can still find here but we have made a lot of improvements and we know you'll love them as much as we do!

Are you a student from before February 5th, 2021? Please go to https://app.e2school.com/Account/Login to continue using your account!


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We have two types of course here on E2 English; Levels and Skills:


There are five levels in total ranging from Beginner to Advanced! If you don't know what your level is, you can see below or complete the Placement Test to find out. 

Which level is right for me? | E2 English
How do I do the Placement Test? | E2 English

Beginner (Levels 1 and 2)

E2 English CourseCEFRIELTS
Lower IntermediateA1-24

Intermediate (Levels 3 and 4)

E2 English CourseCEFRIELTS
Upper IntermediateB25-6

Advanced (Level 5)

E2 English CourseCEFRIELTS

Essential Skill Courses


We have two pronunciation courses for you to perfect your Speaking skills!

Learn and master the sounds of English - perfect for all students, especially those who are hoping to take an English exam in the future.

Grammar Review

This free course is to help students to build their English foundation.

ABC - Spelling

Coming Soon!


For our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, we have the following packages available:





PriceFREE!$19 USD$69 USD$129 USD
Duration30 days90 days90 days120 days
Access to full course lessonsLimited trial
Automatically graded tests-
3x Speaking and 3x Writing assessments with teacher feedback--
45 minute one-to-one tutorial---
Final test and certificate of completion

For our Skill courses we have the following:

Free Basic (90 days)
Essential GrammarAlways FREE-
Essential Pronunciation14 days$19 USD
Advanced Pronunciation14 days$12 USD
ABC SpellingComing soon!Coming soon!

See also: What are "Courses" and "Packages"? | E2 English

How do I sign up?

1. Add a package

For detailed information, see: How do I sign up?

If you know your level, you can start from there by clicking "Start Free"

There you will need to choose a course and a package (we recommend trying the Free Package first!) to add to your cart and then you can check out and register.

If you don't know your level, you can add the Placement Test and complete the process with that:

2. Register

You will then need to enter your registration details:

You will then be able to watch the E2 English Platform tour video and take the tour of your student dashboard!

See: Where do I start?

If you have any questions about E2 English, please contact us!